Best Summer Vacation Plans for Beat the Heat in NYC

There are amazing, cool summer activities all around NYC. No need to go out of the five boroughs to do warm up activities for beating the heat of the scorching sun in the city. There is a plethora of quiet, plush parks, museums, atriums, excursion sites, exhibits, games, air-conditioned shopping complexes, spas, and food restaurants in NYC.

Here are some handpicked best summer vacations plans to escape the heat in NYC.

Take a Ferry Staten Island

A Staten Island ferry captures astounding views of the city from the Skyline, Ellis Island, and the Statue of Liberty to the New York City Harbor, offering a 25 min free ride. Cruising will make a flick from the sweltering heat of the summer. You will be excited when the ferry flips around Lady Liberty.

Pier A Harbor House

It is a large bar space in Hudson Valley at Battery Park with many bars, restaurants, and lounging areas in the promenade with the best of sunset views of Midtown and Hudson River. Private and corporate events occur in its popular clubs. Come earlier to this spot to reserve seats and relax for a long time and eat at tables glaring at the tides of water reflecting the setting sun rays.

Play and Get Entertained in Chelsea Piers

It is a single complex with a daunting spate of recreational events like sports, entertainment, arts, and shopping. You may plan for a day out with your family or friends to have the best of them. There is a large area for golf practicing and conducting tournaments. Rubin Museum showcases a collection of cultural artifacts from many countries and has spaces such as a studio, education center, a café, a theater, and a gift shop. Hit the Highline Ballroom to spectacle or participate in concerts. Get antiques, jewels, and souvenirs for cheap from Flea Market.

Trail at Delacorte in Central Park

Located at the heart of the Central Park, Delacorte Theatre is flanked by Shakesphere in the Park, Turtle Pond, and Belvedere Castle. See the majestic Romeo and Juliet statue and attend free Shakesphere events! Leisurely walking on lawns, you may catch the Henry Luce Nature Observatory in the castle, where historical artifacts and paper mache birds are on display. Birding events, storytelling, and astronomy conversations are held here.

Stroll Around Wolf’s Pond

This pond is an untouched calm destination on Cornelia Avenue, Staten Island. Start from the rainforests, woodland trails, and a tennis court and then travel through the Battle of Bulge, a cemetery, and reach the Raritan Bay to find Wolf’s Pond. It is a nature reserve formed 20,000 years back during the late Ice Age. You may encounter crabs, turtles, starfish, and plenty of birds.

Visit New York Aquarium

It is in Castle Garden, a fort of the US immigrants, in Manhattan. There are more sea species including seals, reef, otters, sea lions, walrus, and penguins. However, this aquarium is pretty crowded, as it boasts exhibitions and 4D shows.

RV Camp at Liberty Harbor

Liberty Harbor RV Park is in Jersey City, a 27 min ride from Lower Manhattan. Choose a place like Croton Point Park. Pitching a tent after towing, you may go for a bunch of activities like hiking, bird watching, and fishing.

Play Live Escape Games

There are a variety of fun live escape games in NYC featuring the mind-blogging blocks, mysteries, and puzzles to be cracked within an hour. Only your team work, game enthusiasm, creativity, and problem solving will lead to the real escape. Book the fascinating live escape games and have the brain feast. more info:

Empoli, the company is 50 years old, the owners bring all the employees on their travels

The company turns 50 years of activity and the titleds have considered it appropriate to celebrate a great goal so significant. Such as? Thanking the employees – the real soul of the company – with a fully paid 3-day prize trip. To tell the story of the half century of Labor Pro Empoli (which operates in the beauty sector) was Il Tirreno .

There are 25 to leave for three days of fun and relaxation, in a very few have been forced to give up for personal reasons and family needs. Historical employees, but also young people who have just arrived but who have already carved out an important role. […] The climate is that of the school trip between jokes, smiles and pats on the shoulders.

The idea of ​​the company owners – Claudio and Simone Bruccoleri – arose from a simple consideration: the Labor Pro, in 50 years of work, has become a real family for everyone.

“We strongly believe in the collaboration within a company and we decided to enhance the work we do every day.” There was nothing better then to reward those who have made and make this company every day. […] The first rule is not to talk about work – Claudio Bruccoleri says with a smile – we will only have fun, the goal is to tighten even more the bond that unites us, we hope that the employees are satisfied with this initiative “.

Traveling alone in Antarctica

Cruise luxury requires, shipping or not, I was a little worried about finding myself in this environment that does not fit me at all. However, if I went alone in Antarctica, I never felt alone and had great encounters. Feel free to consider a solo trip to Antarctica, you will not regret it! Having paid the price of a cruise in a triple room, I was very surprised to find myself alone in my cabin, but it made me feel good to rest a little.
On the other hand, it was very easy to meet people around the table (we could change with each meal), conference, expeditions or anywhere on the boat. There were about half backpackers, like me on a last-minute cruise and half of the passengers who were paying the total price and even if there were some people a bit stuck, most of the passengers were open and people were exciting , coming from different backgrounds and countries. We all came together around the passion for travel and this great experience of Antarctica. In closed session, without Internet, we linked very strong links around this unique trip. To party, to talk to the end of the night, to share moments on the ice, to take a polar dive, to camp together … on this boat it was a little to life to the death and I saw many travelers after in South America. On board, I had American, English, German, Australian, Chinese, Israeli and international friends! A real floating Spanish inn! So go alone on a cruise in Antarctica, it will never be a problem and it is not a destination for couples, quite the opposite!

Should we travel to Antarctica at the time of global warming?

At a time of global warming, melting ice and threats of mass tourism, should we travel to Antarctica? I obviously do not have a definitive answer, but I think it is essential to ask the question before leaving.
When I left for the South Pole in 2013, I had just started traveling and I was not very aware of environmental or environmental issues and I never really asked myself. The company Quark Expeditions guaranteed us a trip to the environmental, applied the Treaty limiting measures on Antarctica and taking steps on board to protect the environment and wildlife of the continent. To know that tourism was limited, all the more because of the prohibitive prices and that measures were implemented, was enough for me. Today, with hindsight, I ask myself many questions and even if my dream is to return to Antarctica very soon, I do not know if I could do it under the same conditions.

Antarctica is the last frontier, the most unspoiled place on the planet, the last place where man has not yet begun to destroy everything. Apart from the scientists who reside there for a given period and the fauna, there are no inhabitants and the continent is protected by an International Treaty signed in 1959 to preserve the peace, also ratifying that nuclear tests would be prohibited. Illegal or legal and regulated fishing, exploitation of mineral resources for science or offshore, tourism … commercial activities already have their place on the white continent and are not always easy to control because of the size of the continent and harsh conditions of this environment. Tourism is not new in Antarctica and after a peak of 46,000 visitors in 2007-2008, new rules have brought down figures around 30,000 visitors a year making tourism in Antarctica (about 20,000 disembarking) . However, since 2016, tourism is constantly increasing, bringing the number of visitors around 44,000.


hese days, when I am asked what is my favorite country, I often answer Argentina , so as not to face too many questions. After all, this is not really a lie and even if it is difficult for me to answer this question, Argentina is actually my favorite country, in the strict sense of the word “country”, because it is one of the countries that I know best and has touched me the most. But deep in me, I still think about this trip to Antarctica, this unique and exceptional trip to the ends of the world. Antarctic haunts me, four years later. I left a piece of me there. As small pieces of my being walk freely in Patagonia, a piece of my soul remained there, on an iceberg, to contemplate the horizon. My heart tightens when I think about it, tears come to my eyes, memories break and I can not control the flow of emotions that seizes me.
Take a trip to Antarctica with one of Antarctica’s leading adventurers, G Adventures. Click on this link to learn more about the different Antarctic trips offered and book your adventure of a lifetime at the best price!
When a friend, an acquaintance, a stranger announces his next departure for Antarctica, I am piqued with jealousy. When a friend announces to me that she will live there for several months, I am ready to drop everything and apply for me to take care of the Antarctic Post.. When I look at my photos, when I reread the Antarctic trip story that I wrote four years ago, I’m ready to book the first plane ticket to the end of the world, for Ushuaia, to find the first boat on the departure. The nomad in me is already sedentary, where it is impossible precisely and everything is finally explained. Antarctica, the last frontier, the last continent, where the nomads imagine adventures worthy of explorers, a life that no one has, an immaculate land, wild, unknown, an unreachable dream. The chilly girl that I am laughing softly, because the most beautiful landscapes are for me those of ice and snow.

From Bariloche to Ushuaia hitchhiking

This is the challenge we had spent three weeks with my friend Sarah and we managed it much easier than expected. Here I describe my itinerary to give you some ideas of course, etc.

Bariloche : It is perfectly normal to hitchhike in Bariloche, especially in season when buses do not work. Get out the thumb and have a car that stops in a second, get picked up by our server the day before or be turned away by 15 Israeli … yes, yes, all this happens in Bariloche!

Bariloche-Lago Correntoso : We wanted to go to the 7 lakes and that was our only failure. After trying in vain to go north to San Martin, we decided to go back south because Sarah did not have much time. Three hours of waiting north in full sun and three hours of waiting to the south to finally return to Bariloche after a night of camping.

Bariloche-El Bolson : We left late and did a little bit of road after having waited a lot in Bariloche in the rain.

El-Bolson-Esquel : Very little waiting and two Chilean drivers later and we arrived at Esquel.

Esquel-Pico Truncado : We let fate do that day because we did not know which route to take and whether we would try Highway 40 or not. Finally, we found a car going to Pico Truncado, where I had found a Couchsurfer. A very friendly driver, hundreds of miles and lots of mate later, we arrived safely.

Pico Truncado-El Calafate : A big day, little wait again and three cars later, we arrive at El Calafate in the Couchsurfing of happiness where we will spend in all a week.

El Calafate-Glacier Perito Moreno : The shortest distances are sometimes the most complicated. Two Americans who were going in another direction and who thought that we were hitchhiking with a street dog, a family who decided to stop to do an asado at 11am and a nice couple later we were at the glacier! It took us an hour to return to town, with our famous asado family!

El Calafate-El Chalten: No excuses this time, in such tourist areas, it is better to start very early (around 6am) to be the first ones in the hitchhiker, to arrive at El Chalten early and not to struggle with find a hostel. The advantage in Patagonia in the summer is that it can be light from 5am to 11pm and can therefore make the day very easy! Once again, we are lucky and are recovered by a Bolivian, then two adorable Argentineans (also members of Couchsurfing). With them, we do the tourists, we sleep at the same hostel and we ask them if they can take us back to Calafate a few days later, because the hitchhikers in El Chalten scared us! And it’s a yes! We will also go for a little sightseeing with them in El Calafate! Our favorite drivers!

El Calafate-Ushuaia : Yes, yes, we did this in one day. Alice, a friend on a veterinary mission, took us to Rio Gallegos. We then found a car to Rio Grande, which took us across the two borders and took the ferry. Very very easy all that. A truck later and we arrived at Ushuaia by a beautiful road. From 6am to 10pm, it’s a hell of a day, but it’s feasible!

Ushuaia : We hitchhiked to all the tourist places in Ushuaia. I admit that I am no longer motivated to pay for expensive tourist buses, while it is so easy to hitchhike.

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