NextCom Europe’s mission is to become the leading supplier of high quality Unix mobility solutions in Europe with a particular focus on Solaris (Sun Microsystems™) and Linux based portable platforms.

With over 6 years experience of portable Unix sales and support, NextCom Europe have the ability to help you seamlessly adopt Unix portability into your organisation and to assist you in maximising the benefits. We can also tailor a service and support package exactly to your requirements.

Whether you are in the Defence, Oil & Gas, Telecommunications or Financial sectors, an ISV, Developer, System Administrator or Sales Engineer, NextCom Europe can provide the exact solution for you.

In addition to our Solaris and Linux laptops, we can also supply innovative portable accessories to give our customers the solutions they need to be fully productive when mobile.

Our product range can be summarised as follows:

  • UltraSPARC Laptops
  • Solaris validated USB Peripherals (These also work under Windows, Linux and MacOS)
  • Linux Laptops
  • Rugged Laptops – Mitac, Itronix and Panasonic
  • Portable Accessories – USB Flash drives, Pocket and Mobile Devices

We are partnered with NextCom LLC who are based in Nashua, USA. They primarily focus on Solaris portability, Unix mobiles and Linux laptops. NextCom LLC is the primary distributor of Naturetech UNIX Notebooks in the U.S.

NextCom LLC work extensively in both the Government and Commercial market places integrating and supplying portable Solaris and Linux solutions.Their capabilities include, rugged Solaris products to MILSTD-810F standard for harsh environments, providing custom device drivers, application integration and Unix product integration.

Jointly NextCom Europe and NextCom LLC offer a complete sales, service and support package for your portable Unix requirements.