Best Summer Vacation Plans for Beat the Heat in NYC

There are amazing, cool summer activities all around NYC. No need to go out of the five boroughs to do warm up activities for beating the heat of the scorching sun in the city. There is a plethora of quiet, plush parks, museums, atriums, excursion sites, exhibits, games, air-conditioned shopping complexes, spas, and food restaurants in NYC.

Here are some handpicked best summer vacations plans to escape the heat in NYC.

Take a Ferry Staten Island

A Staten Island ferry captures astounding views of the city from the Skyline, Ellis Island, and the Statue of Liberty to the New York City Harbor, offering a 25 min free ride. Cruising will make a flick from the sweltering heat of the summer. You will be excited when the ferry flips around Lady Liberty.

Pier A Harbor House

It is a large bar space in Hudson Valley at Battery Park with many bars, restaurants, and lounging areas in the promenade with the best of sunset views of Midtown and Hudson River. Private and corporate events occur in its popular clubs. Come earlier to this spot to reserve seats and relax for a long time and eat at tables glaring at the tides of water reflecting the setting sun rays.

Play and Get Entertained in Chelsea Piers

It is a single complex with a daunting spate of recreational events like sports, entertainment, arts, and shopping. You may plan for a day out with your family or friends to have the best of them. There is a large area for golf practicing and conducting tournaments. Rubin Museum showcases a collection of cultural artifacts from many countries and has spaces such as a studio, education center, a café, a theater, and a gift shop. Hit the Highline Ballroom to spectacle or participate in concerts. Get antiques, jewels, and souvenirs for cheap from Flea Market.

Trail at Delacorte in Central Park

Located at the heart of the Central Park, Delacorte Theatre is flanked by Shakesphere in the Park, Turtle Pond, and Belvedere Castle. See the majestic Romeo and Juliet statue and attend free Shakesphere events! Leisurely walking on lawns, you may catch the Henry Luce Nature Observatory in the castle, where historical artifacts and paper mache birds are on display. Birding events, storytelling, and astronomy conversations are held here.

Stroll Around Wolf’s Pond

This pond is an untouched calm destination on Cornelia Avenue, Staten Island. Start from the rainforests, woodland trails, and a tennis court and then travel through the Battle of Bulge, a cemetery, and reach the Raritan Bay to find Wolf’s Pond. It is a nature reserve formed 20,000 years back during the late Ice Age. You may encounter crabs, turtles, starfish, and plenty of birds.

Visit New York Aquarium

It is in Castle Garden, a fort of the US immigrants, in Manhattan. There are more sea species including seals, reef, otters, sea lions, walrus, and penguins. However, this aquarium is pretty crowded, as it boasts exhibitions and 4D shows.

RV Camp at Liberty Harbor

Liberty Harbor RV Park is in Jersey City, a 27 min ride from Lower Manhattan. Choose a place like Croton Point Park. Pitching a tent after towing, you may go for a bunch of activities like hiking, bird watching, and fishing.

Play Live Escape Games

There are a variety of fun live escape games in NYC featuring the mind-blogging blocks, mysteries, and puzzles to be cracked within an hour. Only your team work, game enthusiasm, creativity, and problem solving will lead to the real escape. Book the fascinating live escape games and have the brain feast. more info: