Empoli, the company is 50 years old, the owners bring all the employees on their travels

The company turns 50 years of activity and the titleds have considered it appropriate to celebrate a great goal so significant. Such as? Thanking the employees – the real soul of the company – with a fully paid 3-day prize trip. To tell the story of the half century of Labor Pro Empoli (which operates in the beauty sector) was Il Tirreno .

There are 25 to leave for three days of fun and relaxation, in a very few have been forced to give up for personal reasons and family needs. Historical employees, but also young people who have just arrived but who have already carved out an important role. […] The climate is that of the school trip between jokes, smiles and pats on the shoulders.

The idea of ​​the company owners – Claudio and Simone Bruccoleri – arose from a simple consideration: the Labor Pro, in 50 years of work, has become a real family for everyone.

“We strongly believe in the collaboration within a company and we decided to enhance the work we do every day.” There was nothing better then to reward those who have made and make this company every day. […] The first rule is not to talk about work – Claudio Bruccoleri says with a smile – we will only have fun, the goal is to tighten even more the bond that unites us, we hope that the employees are satisfied with this initiative “.