Hitchhiking in Argentina: the basics

Make a sign or not?

We met a lot of hitchhikers with a sign of their destination and we found it rather unoriginal. There are not many roads in Argentina and if a car passes, it is probably going in your direction. We opted for nicer and more attractive signs and we had excellent feedback and great sympathy. Several people stopped only because we had these signs, so do not underestimate them: “Al fin del Mundo” and “Recorriendo Argentina desde Francia y Allemania”

Hablas espanol?

If you do not speak a minimum of Spanish, I want to say, do not stop. People stop for the company and chat a little during the long hours of travel. If you can not trade a minimum, people will not necessarily be happy. Several drivers told us about some travelers who did not speak a word in a negative way. For politeness and safety, do not fall asleep, do not listen to music, we help you, so be nice!

Which road to take?

You have the choice between Route 3 and Route 40. Both are feasible, but it takes more time, patience and definitely a tent for the 40 which is very desert and very deserted. On Route 3, you can travel 1000 km a day very easily.

And security in all this?

Two girls hitchhiking in Argentina can be scary. Yet, girls have a lot more facilities. Do not be put off, you will see the experience is great and with common sense and instinct, there should not be any problems. Of course, to each and every one of you to evaluate the risks that you are ready to take. I did not feel at risk once in Argentina, nor uncomfortable. Most of the time, we were taken by families, young people or couples, very nice people who wanted to talk, help and exchange cultures. We made friends, some offered us food or shelter, others their friends’ contacts, a little mate … A trucker told me that I felt good while Sarah slept and I got her repacked quickly. Stories I’ve heard, there are not really any threats, though sometimes indecent proposals in exchange for a while. We say no, we get out of the car and it stops there in general. I confess that sometimes I put in the conversation my black belt of karate or my imaginary boyfriend just to set limits. We are still in South America …