The NextCom NextBook™ is a high performance mobile platform that provides Unix users with maximum flexibility by bridging Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Sun Solaris environments. This platform provides the ultimate flexibility to Linux users who need concurrent Microsoft Windows application access for office, email, and other functions. Based on the high performance Intel Xeon P4 2.4 GHz processor coupled with a 400MHz Front Side Bus and DDRAM architecture, our WinUxBook™ mobile operating environment is both a Linux server as well as a Linux and MS-Windows workstation in a 7lb portable package with a high resolution SXGA+ 15″ LCD display.



The ultimate rugged Linux notebook. A Linux server in a less than 10 lb package. Good in extremely harsh environments. Packed with an 800Mhz Intel PIII processor, up to 512MB DRAM and 80GB in disk storage, 2 PCMCIA expansion slots, USB port and an external video port.

rugged notebook





Do you need a portable UltraSPARC system that is totally integrated, mobile and has 5 PCI expansions slots for complex server, storage, and test & measurement requirements? Do you need support for your legacy Solaris 2.5.1, Solaris 2.6, or Solaris 2.7 based applications? Do you need Gig Ethernet, Fibre Channel, Quad Ethernet, ATM, or National Instruments Lab View I-O support? The NCM-8000 is your solution. Packed with an optional 2nd removable HDD, CD-ROM, floppy drive, Ethernet port, external video and other features, this is your truly all-in-one FlexSPARC solution.